Comment sought on the Sydney Water Regulation

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Public comment is invited on the draft Sydney Water Regulation 2011 and the Regulatory Impact Statement.

Sydney Water Managing Director, Kerry Schott, said the current Sydney Water Regulation 2006 will expire in September and whilst only minor changes have been made, it is important that the community has the chance to provide input.

There are three main parts to the Sydney Water Regulation:
1. Prospect Reservoir controlled area: to protect the quality of waters in Prospect Reservoir and manage the behaviour of visitors to the controlled area.
2. Plumbing and drainage regulation: to continue existing arrangements for the on-site regulation of plumbing pending its proposed transfer to the Office of Fair Trading.
3. Water restrictions: to ensure an adequate supply of water to meet the community’s basic needs during drought and to support the wise use of water.

The public has 28 days to provide comment on the draft regulation. You can read the draft regulation and send your comments on the Sydney Water Regulation page.

The Sydney Water Regulation 2006 automatically lapses on 1 September 2011. Sydney Water proposes to make the Sydney Water Regulation 2011 to replace the 2006 regulation.

Comment on the draft regulation should be provided to Sydney Water by 3 August 2011.


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